Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Dreaming...

    So what does a natural-born nester do when she has nothing to decorate/fluff/prettify? She dreams. And what does a blogger love more than eye candy? So here we go with some sugary sweet bloggy yumminess that won't show up tomorrow on your hips. ;)

I have loved (and been searching of) this adorable poster ever since I saw the living room below. I can't remember what magazine it was in but ooooooooh how I love it! How cute is the "please do not lick this page."?? If any of you sweet blog friends find one, let me know. :)

    I have so many ideas for our next place. I have no idea what it will look like but I always find have fun dreaming about it. Here is a picture of our last living room. We were renting so I couldn't paint much. Thankfully the owners had great taste! I loved how light and airy the living room was. I did paint the fireplace wall a light blue.

The leather couch was brand new. It came with very dark pillows and I have been on the hunt for some new ones that would lighten things up yet still compliment the couch. I think these would be gorgeous...

Wonder how hard it would be to make some on my own. Hmmm... :)

See my slipcovered love seat up there? We sold that at our yard sale. I wasn't sad. In fact, I was quite giddy about it. The couch was actually a red microfiber material and the slipcover always rode up the back showing the annoying red I was trying so desperately to cover. And while I'm thinking about it, don't let anyone tell you microfiber is great for kids and easy to clean. No. Nope. Sorry. Not. True. Grrrr. {The slipcovers are so much easier to throw in the wash if sticky/dirty/snotty/cheeto covered hands wipe themselves on them.} Thank goodness the red love seat is gone.
Ahhh, this would be soooooo much better. A light colored, ruffly love seat to compliment the leather couch. Yep. Quite Shabby Chic-y.

Young House Love (house crashing)

See that awesomly huge mirror?? They used a closet door mirror they found on craigslist and framed it with wood from an old pallet. This would be some great light into any room. LOVE. 

And one last thing. The coffee table. Oh dear. I loved my white, round, thrifted coffee table. When we bought it for $50, it was actually a dining table. Hubby cut the base of it and my dad painted it a creamy white. Unfortunately about a week before we moved, the table started leaning and one of the legs cracked and fell off. it was pretty funny actually. Our kids were using the table top as a slide for her stuffed animals. ;) It had already been fixed once. We still have it stored and I am hoping we can just find a nice chunky base for the round top. But If not, I LOVE this coffee table with the big baskets. It would be perfect for cleaning up the living room in a hurry when friends are dropping by. I really like the white version of it also.

Well, I guess that's enough dreaming for today. Planning is fun, but I am in no way discontent. I am thankful for this time of rest and healing and waiting on the Lord. His plans are perfect. I am so thankful He   doesn't change His mind as often as I do! :)

Oh yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's hoping its better than the last. ;)


Jessica K. said...

Thank you for the great idea for the big mirror! I was just in St. Louis at a Crate and Barrel and pointed out a big mirror like that to my husband, and said "I would love that!" Of course, I did not care for the price of it! But, I love the idea of finding an old closet door and reframing it! Wonderful and cheap!!

Anonymous said...

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