Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Back to "Normal"

     Well, it has been an interesting couple of months! We had a huge yard sale and moved from Louisiana to Tennessee all in a couple of weeks. It was craziness, to say the least! Things are finally beginning to calm down and we are beginning to settle into a new sort of "normal". Its weird living with most of your things still in boxes and getting use to being in my childhood home for longer than a week or two, but we are so thankful to be here. We are praying that God would strengthen and prepare us for our next ministry and grant us patience as we wait for that next opportunity.

     Christmas shopping has been a wonderful distraction and we even have most of the wrapping done! I always get a little sad when its all done. I think the anticipation of Christmas is just as much fun as Christmas itself.  Of course, the kids are dying to open all the pretty packages under the tree!  :)

     I have been keeping myself busy by making flower pins for myself, my girls, and my friends. I've had such a great response and so many people asking my friends where they can get theirs, that I have decided to sell them.

     I would love for you to come join my new facebook group. The link is over on the sidebar. This group will be where I post pictures of all my products. You can also message me from here for special orders. There are lots of colors available and I would be happy to take requests. Here are a few of the pins you will see over there...

Ruffled Satin Flower Pins

Flutter Flower Pins

Specialty and Special Requests

 I hope you are all enjoying the season. Don't forget to slow down and enjoy it before its gone! 

Happy Christmas!


The Mustard Seed said...

Hi Sweetie! Merry Christmas. I have deactivated my FB account for some personal reasons. I am also sad that we will not get to do our Houston trip. So glad things are going a little better for you and your family! Miss your sweet posts!

Xia Zhang said...