Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dough Bowls

I am linking with The Nester. :)

Isn't she a beauty?!? Hubby and I bought her on an anniversary trip to Franklin, TN. We paid $99 for her. I admit, that is more than i would usually pay, but it was exactly what I had been looking for and I fell in LUV. :)  It is big enough that it isn't dwarfed by our big farmhouse table, which is where she often sits. I love filling her up with seasonal goodies. The picture above was from this Summer. I had just bought two bags of those wooden and cork balls and such at Marshall's to fill her up. Little white pumpkins and pecans are fun for Fall, and for Christmas its always full of ornaments. It takes a LOT to fill her up so I have to be thrifty about it.  This summer I think I would like to use sea shells, sand dollars, and starfish, and maybe even some white sand in the bottom. Wouldn't that be pretty?? :)


Dallas said...

This looks pretty! But I can't help but think...what is it??

Twinwood Carving said...

great dough bowl!

Xia Zhang said...