Friday, August 20, 2010

Dining Room Dilemmas

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     Almost a year ago, we moved from the house we owned and headed to a new state and a new home. Unfortunately our old home has not sold and we are now renting the house we had hoped to buy. This has presented many challenges and frustrations, mainly about handling a house payment AND rent, but also with decorating. Right now we aren't sure how long we will be in this house, so I don't want to make too many purchases that are specific for this home. One problem we have is dining space. In our old home, we had a huge great room that was kitchen, dining, and an area for couches in front of the fireplace. It was so great to have a huge room to enjoy company in. A few years ago, my parents gifted us with a huge farm style table that would fit all of us (Hubby, Me, and our 5 kiddos) and a couple more, and I LOVED it! 

And I STILL love it! The problem is space. The home we now rent has a much smaller dining area than our last. I can shorten the table, but length isn't the problem...

The problem is squishyness. Ok, I know thats not a word but you understand. ;) Because of the counter and barstools, It feels very squishy when we are all seated, and there is no WAY for anyone to sit at the table and the counter. We are not stick people! :) So we have seating for 11 in theory, but not quite in reality. Since we are just renting right now and I have a new-ish table that I truly love, I have no plans to purchase another table for this space, but I am looking for other options.

 (Ballard Designs)

Im thinking if I had bar stools with no back, they could slide under and mostly disappear when not in use.
Of course that would require a purchase...

(Pottery Barn)

If I had a bench, it too could disappear, making it much easier to walk around the table. Again, requiring a purchase. :P

(Ballard Designs)

What about a couch! Just kidding that would only make it worse, but gives me a chance to show you this PRETTY picture. ;) Maybe if my chairs had a straight back like these, it would help a tiny bit??? Oh who am I kidding. 

So the search is still on but my favorite dining table idea is mismatched chairs. This would not help with space but would be OH so cute. :)

 I was trying to think or how this trend first started and the only thing I could think of was Friends. 

Yep. Monica's kitchen is now an icon. Whoever decorated this set was a genius. :)


Stephanie Tillery said...

We have a very similar table and chairs. We had the same problem at the condo that we used to live in before buying our house. The backless stools worked so well. They slid under when not in use and created so much more space. We found ours at Pier 1.

Xia Zhang said...