Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am linking up to the Fall Festival at This Blessed Nest! Stop by each Wednesday this moth for cute Fall decor ideas!

I promised, quite a while ago, that I would share how I made the sweet silhouettes we have hanging in our living room. Well today is the day! These were done very quickly and are not the priceless and expensive silhouettes you can pay lots of moola for and cherish forever. These are cheaply made and printed on computer paper. I do hope to make them more permanent by printing them out on some acid-free card stock, but for right now, these do the job.

First, I took side view pictures of my kiddos...

He looks so thrilled... ;)

Then head over to and upload your photo. Once you have your picture on there, click on CREATE, then click on EFFECTS, and the scroll all the way down and click on Sandbox Effects and choose Adjustable Threshold. Play with the black threshold until you have a black outline of the whole face, like this...

Click APPLY and then go to DOODLE and choose white as your brush color. You can make the brush size larger or smaller depending on how precise you want to be. Here is the picture once I whitened the area around his torso...

Then just choose the brush color as black and color your picture in like this...

You can zoom in and out and make your brush size larger or smaller as you get the details of the face. (lips, nose, and such)

And here is the finished silhouette...

Isn't is sweet? Its easy, free, and a great conversation piece! I just printed them out and ran to the Dollar Tree for 5 picture frames. They also had these cute oval mats, which worked perfectly.

The kids loved pointing out who is who. :) Quick tip... Ponytails worked best for the girls.

I got my sweet hubby to hang them for me because he is great at making sure they are straight. I would have been trying to eyeball it and that would have been disastrous, I'm sure. 

And here they are! Don't they look sweet? 

I hope this tutorial helps! Let me know if anything is unclear. I'd love to know what other cute ideas you come up with. :)


nest of posies said...

how about both of us having some silhouette making love???

this is wonderful. i didn't know PICNIK would do this & i use that site everyday, i swear. yep. i am a proud premium package carrier to that site.

love this!
thanks for linking up to the FALL festival.


Jennifer said...

This is a GREAT tutorial! I had no idea you could make these yourself so easily. Thanks for sharing :)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Thanks for the tips! Love the way it turned out.
I have hubby do my hanging too.

Debra@CommonGround said...

These are wonderful, thanks for sharing how you did this, I love Picnik so this is perfect!

Marla said...

Stopping by from This Blessed Nest. Your tutorial is great. I can't believe how easy it it. Thanks for sharing.

Tanya said...

These are very cute. Just might have to give this one a try! Love, love :)

The Mustard Seed said...

thanks so much for this tutorial...
you make it look super easy and I can't wait to try them. i just need to get lane to hold my judey jude to the side.. 2 year olds are not very compliant, lol...

been following your tweets but just followed the blog. i didn't realize i wasn't yet.

well.. hope you have a great week,

Dawn said...

Thank you,Thank you, thank you! You made this look so easy.

I'm going to try my hand at it soon!

I think these would be great Christmas gifts for grandparents.

Tania said...

I cannot even remember how I got to your blog ;-) - thanks for sharing this idea!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

GENIUS!!! I love picnik...thanks for walking us through how to make our own!

Free iPad Wallpapers said...

i will make this,amazing idea :)

Sky said...

Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! We always love to see how folks are using Picnik. I particularly like how you finish the tutorial off by showing us what the finished product looked like in the real world, and not just on your computer.

Sky -Team Picnik

Scarlett.Clay said...

LOVE this! I recently wanted to make a silhouette of my daughter but didn't want to drag my old projector from the attic to do it! I use picnik all the time, such a great idea to use adj. thresh this way! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea.

embraced by grace said...

could you post a turorial on picmoney or another online free program? I hate that picnic closed.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Υes! Finally sоmеthing abоut silhouettes.

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Unknown said...

Anthony said...

Head over to where you can follow these exact steps.

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