Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making Lemonade

So what do you do with a 97cent thrift store tray that has started to rust? Leave it on the shelf and walk on by, is what any normal person would do... ;) 

But not me. Oh no, Im the weird girl who decides to actually spend a dollar on a rusty plate and try to make it pretty again. I can't help it. I just felt bad for the thing. But isn't that what we try to do through life? Make lemons into lemonade! So this is how a pitiful rusty plate got upcycled. :)

I decided to make a chalk board sign.

I used the chalkboard craft paint because I wasn't able to find any chalkboard spray paint, but I am convinced that it would have been much easier to tape it off and spray paint that to do layer after layer of brush painting and trying to keep it from having too many brush strokes as it dries. Next time I see chalkboard spray paint I'm grabbing it!

It still turned out really cute, despite the extra work. And it was worth it to make it shine and give it a longer life. :) I bought the cute dragonfly magnet at Michael's for around $3 and then hot glued some pink ribbon to the back for hanging.
And here is the finished product! Isn't it sweet? 
Does it seem silly that I used it to label a bathroom door?

NOW do you understand? :) 
Boy do we have a lot of doors for guests to choose from! 

I hope I have encouraged you to see what could be. Do you have something in your house that could use some love?


Paloma7255 said...

You are amazing! Great idea! XOXO

Mom said...

Really cute!!

Xia Zhang said...