Wednesday, August 11, 2010

China Cabinet Re-do

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I have been a busy bee today! I had been frustrated with the color of my china cabinet for some time now. I LOVED it when a friend and I painted it about 10 years ago, but BOY who wants to see the same thing in the same color for 10 YEARS anyway?? 

This is a picture from my ladybug's 7th birthday party. :) See the yellow cabinet color?

 I started priming a few weeks back to give me something to do while hubby was out of town, but then I got side tracked and never finished, but today I got it done! 

Yippee!!! It looks so much better now even though its just primer. It really lightens up the dining room area. I am thinking about a grey-ish/blue color would be nice and I am considering keeping the inside white so It will be better for displaying my favorite pieces. I cant wait to get the color on! Stay tuned for updates! :)

*edited to give you a sneak peak...


Kirsty said...

Oh wow! Envious! I LOVE it!

Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

Paint works wonders to update and give a brand new look. Deciding what color to use is the hard part.

Xia Zhang said...