Thursday, September 2, 2010

Super-Cute Giveaway!

EVERYONE head over to Pure and Lovely for this super cute giveaway! ( ...or don't, so I can have a better chance of winning! ;)


this blessed nest said...


i need a suggestion from you!!!

i am totally trying this silhouette thingy on picnik. loving it. (i'm working on yet again, another silhouette project) but i am struggling with my dog's face. YES, i'm doing my dog. i want his whiskers to show. any suggestions??? i keep zooming in & out but i don't think it looks too good.

IF my project works, i was going to link back to your tut on this. let me know if you have any suggestions.


this blessed nest said...

i think i figured it out.

thanks. if the rest of my project works *fingers crossed* you'll see it on the blog. ;)


this blessed nest said...

are you on twitter?

your silhouette post was quite the tweet last night!

i spread the love for it there. i think a lot of people liked it!


Xia Zhang said...