Friday, September 17, 2010

One Man's Trash...

Sorry I've been gone so long! We were celebrating my birthday and took a mini vacation while hubby was at a youth pastor's conference. We had a great time and I have LOTS of pics to share with you and fun new purchases to show you! But first I have to share this amazingly fun Goodwill find!

Have you seen to most current Ballard Designs catalog? They have all these cute "French Bisque Lamp Slips".
 Ballard Designs

I loved them from the moment I saw them, but they aren't cheap affordable, so I decided to just keep my eyes open for anything in the same shape and figured I might need to get the white spray paint out again. :) WELL... I was at Goodwill the other day with my mom and I found a lamp that looked JUST like them!
It was very dirty. It even had spots of yellow paint on it, but I figured for $3 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) it was worth it to take home and see if I could wash her up and make her pretty. :) I honestly didn't even know it worked, but I know you can buy light kits for cheap, and maybe I could wrangle hubby into helping with that part.

Yes, this is a HORRIBLE, un-staged picture (Pay no attention to the insanity going on behind the pretty lamp. Who has time to clean when mom is in town and there is SHOPPING to do??? ;) 

I washed her up and plugged her in and guess what??? She worked!!! YAY for $3 lamps! Here she is looking much prettier on my bedside table...

I bought a linen drum shade at Walmart for around $15, so that makes the total $18 for a my new Ballard-eque lamp. Much better that the more-affordable-but-still-too-much-for-me lamps at Marshalls. Happiness. :) 
Have I convinced you yet? Get to thrifting!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lamp. Great job!

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